Hocus Pocus Halloween Doormat

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It's just a bunch of hocus pocus...right? This is the perfect halloween themed doormat! Cute and fun, this hocus pocus doormat will impress all of your trick or treaters this year!

Coir mat with rubber bottom measures: 24x16. Shake to clean.

Orders typically ship 3-6 weeks from order date. Shipping times may vary as a result of an increased volume of parcels due to peak periods, especially Christmas.

The doormat is made to be decorative and should be kept in a sheltered area such as a garage, patio, covered entryway or similar where it will not get inundated with rain, snow, sun, etc. Wet shoes (and paws) are fine. Heavy use can cause fading, discoloration, and bleeding. Metal Unlimited is not responsible for any damage to the doormat.