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There's always that weird window of time if you're a Southerner like us, where you wonder, "Does it make sense to decorate for Fall when you don't feel like you ACTUALLY get a Fall?!" 

Sure, we enter into the season with expectant hearts for yellow, red, and orange leaves...but we may only see them for a few weeks before everything just...dies.

It's summer for months and months and months...and then around February, winter will finally arrive just in time for Spring. 

It's the hard truth we must accept to live in the deep South. Those of you that get four seasons, we have a little envy I suppose, but there's pros and cons about living in a place that goes from 100 degrees to 40 at such a fast pace that we all are at risk of hypothermia. 

We don't have to deal with shoveling out our driveways (usually)...and...okay, well there aren't THAT many pros I guess... 

Anyways, let's get to the point here: Just because you may not get the full effect of seasonal change does NOT mean you've got to forfeit the decor! 

This post today is for all of us: for those who will create their own Fall (this usually means setting the thermostat to about 60 so you can wear your Fall wardrobe while you're inside, at least) and for those of you that will just transition into the season the way it's meant to be...with a nice gradual fade into cooler temps and falling leaves. 

We've got 5 tips for you as you transition into the beloved season: 


1. Small Spaces Matter.


Little nooks are the best places to add Fall accents. Check out this adorable buffet by The Happy House - we love it! 

While there are a few items displayed, they are brilliantly located and not overwhelming. She took an already established space and made it perfect for Fall!

Whether it's a small pumpkin with a few reading books on the side table or a space in the kitchen for your favorite Fall mugs to be placed on display, the tiny additional touches to your rooms are what make it feel like home

2. Keep it Simple.

While decorating is fun, too much can really kill a room. 

Sometimes, it's better to keep the decor at a minimum, depending on the size of your room. 

This pumpkin cloche centerpiece by Country Living is simple, yet elegant. It makes a perfectly simplistic statement. You can choose muted or bright pumpkins, depending on your style tastes and room colors. 

If you have a large space, larger wall art can really bring the room together while minimizing the amount of "stuff". 

Smaller spaces, like mentioned above, should be treated with regard to clutter - the more clutter, the less POP. 

Find one to three objects to use in your nook and crannies that will not create chaos - it makes your decor more meaningful and intentional. 

3. Get Personal.

Personal touches, like Metal Unlimited's personalized products (ahem!) or framed family photos in a few different sizes mixed with seasonal prints are also great for areas like the living or dining rooms. 

Personalized signs like this one make great options for entrances into homes or on front doors: 

4. Be Creative.

Don't discredit your inner creative! There are so many ways to make fun and inexpensive seasonal decor that will add your very own unique taste to your home. 

Whether it is a handmade garland, a canning-jar-lid bunch of pumpkins, or a seasonal wreath, take a day to get your friends together and craft! 

This garland from House of Jade is perfect!

Not only will it be so much fun, but you will take so much pride in your project once it is complete and you'll get to show it off for the rest of the season! 

5. Find the Deals.

A lot of people believe that in order to have a lovely decorative space, you have to have the most expensive items on the market. 


We recommend hitting up a local thrift or antique store to find things that you can upcycle, but don't bypass those discount outlets, either!

We really love what At Lane and High did here with this post, where she listed ALL you need to know about decorating on a budget. 

Check out this find she reposted by Just a Little Creativity - it's fabulous AND it perfectly fits all 5 of our tips: 

It takes a small space and keeps things simplewhile adding both creativity and a personal touch with the handwritten calligraphy...all while remaining inexpensive!

The fun is finding the deals. Take advantage of the discount stores near you and ALWAYS think, "Could I make this into something different? Something new?!" 

The options are endless when you start visiting the thrift stores, discount stores, and sale racks and begin channeling your inner interior decorator. 


And just for giggles, we'll throw in a Sixth Tip on this Friday Five post...

H A V E   F U N.

Enjoy decorating and making special places for your family and friends to find escape - that's what it's all about anyways! 





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