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Friday Five: 5 Things For Which We Forget to Be Thankful

Posted by Hannah Duff on

Happy Friday!

The season of remembrance is upon us.

Most likely, you'll take some time this month to think about the things for which you're thankful. 

Family, friends, life...

But as I age I think about all of the things I forget to be grateful for on a daily basis. 

Today, I want to share a few of those things with you and encourage you to share some back with me! 

Where we are fortunate enough to have things, we should always remember to be thankful...

1. Air conditioning and heat in my car 

While I try to remember to be thankful for this luxury, most days I simply EXPECT to hop in my car and be cooled by the radiant, cool air or warmed by the toasty heat in the winter.

There are some days it is so HOT here in the South, that hopping in the car and blasting the A/C is an actual life-saver.

And yet, how many times do I forget to be thankful for this?! Far. too. often.


2. Shoes

Yep. Shoes to cover my feet and protect them. That may seem REALLY SIMPLE, but it doesn't have to be complex in order to be a blessing.

So many people in this world do not have a decent pair of shoes, while I have too many pair that go unworn in my closet.

Shoes not only keep my feet covered, but they protect my feet from harmful debris or germs on the ground.

That may not be something we think about very often, but how nice is it to know that our feet are protected?!

Today, I am thankful for shoes...and I hope I remember to always be thankful for them. 


3. Clean Water

Did you know that around 35% of individuals in this world do not have access to CLEAN drinking water? 

And the little water they have, they must walk MILES and MILES to retrieve? And even then, the water has the very likely potential of making them sick. 

I think most of us reading this right now can say that we share the same luxury of being able to have decently clean drinking water. 

When is the last time that YOU expressed your gratitude for this luxury? 


4. Food

Yes, while an obvious thing to be thankful for, do we TRULY understand how uncommon it is for some people to not get to question where they will go for lunch? 

Do we know how many people eat the same things over and over again daily, because that is ALL they have? 

Do we really GET it that our snacks, additional sides to meals, and even having THREE meals a day ISN'T the norm for many people? 

I bless my food when I eat and I express my thankfulness to God for providing for me, but do I really, truly feel thankful or is it one more thing I just expect to be there waiting for me? 


5. Health

As I write this today on October 3rd, I am grieving the loss of my grandfather who passed this morning. Not to get too real or too deep for some of you, but I should be thankful for my health every single day. 

My grandfather fought a failing heart and other illnesses for quite some time, but he pushed through with such strength and determination.

I do not once remember hearing him complain through any of it. What an example! 

I'm not saying I have the perfect health or that I always will.  And you may not, either. But if you are living and breathing, that is a gift and I hope you know that there is reason for it. 

When I wake up in the mornings, do I say, "Thank You for this day" or do I begin to rush about with a complaining attitude about all of the things I must get done... 

I MUST remember that life is a gift, or else I will never be thankful for all of the other things I have listed above. 

Being truly grateful for the things you have begins with understanding that none of it is owed to you. 

Today, let's refresh and remind ourselves how blessed we are.

And remember: Some are not as fortunate - let's use our blessings to be a blessing to others this season and EVERY DAY. 

Happy Season of Thankfulness, everyone. 


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