Friday Five: 5 Styles for Christmas & A Tutorial

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Happy Friday, everyone! 

Christmas tiiiiime is here, lots of joy and cheeeeer...and styles and tutorials, too! 

I love Christmas and I love discovering all the different ways people choose to decorate! 

For this Friday Five, we've compiled a list of 5 different decor styles for the season.

And don't go anywhere, because we've got a tutorial for you at the end with a Christmas craft that can be used in any home! 


First up, we have the beloved traditional, country Christmas: 


With this style, a lot of traditional green and red colors can be found as accents. There are more wooden pieces tied into the decor, along with an overall at-home feeling that makes you want to get all cozy with some hot chocolate.



Next, we've got a more sleek, refined look with the modern Christmas approach: 



This look is often very clean and minimalistic. It gives off that amazing "artsy" vibe and speaks a yuletide language all its own. 

It's really fun when you add in just a touch of color, too.

Further, a lot of geometrical patterns and lines are evident in this style of decorating, which helps keep its look fresh.  


Here's a fun style - the retro Christmas look that brings about all the nostalgia: 


This style is fun, eclectic, and full of COLOR.

The shimmer and shine of the ornaments, the bright colors, and the nostalgic figurines from this look make me want to take a seat on a comfy couch and watch the first Rudolph!

It is fun, vibrant, and definitely has the ability to make you feel like you are traveling to a simpler time.  


Then, we can't leave out a LIGHT Christmas where almost every corner is decked in lovely whites, pastels, and soft colors: 

Whether you keep it all white or just light with pastels and muted colors, this decorating scheme has the potential to be absolutely beautiful! 

A flocked tree trimmed in off-white garland and twinkle lights scattered about, a little girl's room with light pink accents, or an all-white tree trimmed with silver balls and white pearls...whatever you choose is sure to be lovely and a real eye-catcher.



Last, we have what I like to call a "Blue Christmas" - pun definitely intended: 

Over the past many years, blue has really taken its place in the Christmas world. 

Maybe we can thank Elvis for that, or maybe Hobby Lobby, but whoever took this and made it into a "thing", we sure are glad you did!

It's not for everyone, and you really need the right surroundings to make it POP, but if it's done right, WOW OH WOW! It's beautiful! 

We love the pictures here and how these trees are styled for the holiday. 



Aren't those styles fun?! 


Now, we've got a really fun craft for you to try this week that can be used no matter what your style! 

Today, we are going to make Mini Christmas Domes. Feel free to modify the tutorial however you feel to match your color scheme or palette. 

Here's what you will need for this easy-peasy project: 

3-5 Glass Containers of Various Kinds (mason jar, inexpensive wine glass, tumbler, etc)

Small Christmas Figurines (bottle brush trees, small ornaments or mini wooden words like, "joy" - make sure they are lightweight for glueing on top)

Epoxy Glue or Hot Glue Gun (Epoxy recommended)

Paint (if you plan to spray paint or figurines to match your decor)


Click HERE for the full video tutorial! 









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