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Do you love Halloween, but find it hard to plan a fabulous costume like you want for you or your kids?

Do you wish you had the time to give it the creative thought you want, but every year the week of Halloween arrives and you're left scrambling for a costume to wear to the work party or in which to send your child to school?!

We feel that.

Today, we are here with a fun Friday Five as we share with you 5 costume ideas that we love. 

1. Madeline.

We believe every little girl should be acquainted with the classic Madeline! Check out this costume by Say Yes - it is easily inexpensive yet oh so cute! 

Locate a navy dress, long sleeve preferably. Throw on some white socks and Mary Janes (or any black, closed-toe shoe would probably do the trick!), white gloves, tie a sweet little red ribbon around the neckline, and a hat to top off the costume. 

Don't forget the red balloon! 

Your little girl will ooze preciousness as she trick-or-treats this year.

2. Mr. Fredrickson from Up


This costume, put together by yours truly when my baby boy was a tiny-mite, was so. much. FUN.

If you have a baby boy, especially one that you already consider your, "little old man," my advice to you is go Mr. Fredrickson for Halloween. 

Suspenders, a long sleeve white shirt, "trousers", a bow tie, and of course BLACK RIMMED GLASSES.

You can find the plastic, fake glasses on Amazon for super cheap! 

Don't forget to blow up a few balloons and tie them to the back belt loop for the finished look!

3. A Taco.


There's nothing better than a taco costume, because almost EVERYONE will love you. 

This costume from Brit.Co can be recreated with a brown shirt and pair of pants + a little foam! 

Simply cut out your shell and leave some inserts for the arms, then cut out all your toppings! Easy peasy, and so delicious! 

4. Forrest Gump

It's an American classic, y'all. Tom Hanks's famous role as Forrest Gump lives in our hearts and on our TV screens forever. 

Why not embody his character for Halloween?! We found this inspiration on Buzz Feed  and HAD to share it with you.

Running Shorts. Your favorite, most comfy exercise shirt. A hat, some high socks, and an epic beard (really, that's the only thing you'll probably have to order!). Remember, the more vintage feel, the more believable... take it back old school and have fun with this one.

Everyone will probably scream, "Run, Forrest, Run," at you most of the day, so put on your best running shoes and get ready to burn some calories. 

5. For the Family, the Peanut Gang!

We thought this one from Costume Works was really fun, and totally doable! 

If your kids aren't familiar with the Peanuts...well what are ya waitin' for?! 

The Great Pumpkin is a MUST for your gang this go ahead and buy the book...and grab the movie. Sit down and enjoy some family time together while befriending this classic crew, and then gather those costumes! 

We love that this group costume simply requires you to find attire in the color your character wears + a blanket for little Lionel, some freckles for Peppermint Patty, and some jagged stripes for Charlie... everything else you include just adds to the awesomeness of this already awesome idea! Of course, you can buy the costumes already made...but that's totally up to you! 


We can't wait to see what you come up with this Halloween.

How about sharing your costumes with us over on our Facebook page with the hashtag #metalunlimited?! 


We just may share your pics with our customers on the Facebook page come Halloween! 




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